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The modern public schools systems put in place in this present day of education are misguided in the way in which they attempt to teach their students, they expect the children to hear the facts and remember them, to become more stagnant and color within the lines of their personal ponds of knowledge. It is this correlation of minds that causes generations to move with the crowd in which the world from history has taught them rather than to focus on a new fresher way of thinking to be implemented into the future of dynamic and versatile education.

Redmond Proficiency Academy is a school that teaches its children as conduits of knowledge rather than just receptors of it. The way one is taught at RPA is to take in whatever knowledge they must and make of it what they will. The system at RPA is based upon one’s own prowess within their work rather than they’re ability to recite words and fill out papers, it’s about what one has learned rather than what one can remember. Whereas at a normal public school system one would be given a book about world war two and  be expected to remember each individual vocab word and each date of every battle and so on, at Redmond proficiency academy one would be told to read the book and grasp its message so that when they took the test they could explain how learning about the war has effected they’re thought process and what humans can learn for the future by analyzing certain belligerent aspects of humanity’s past through the looking glass of a perspective historian.

Before attending RPA I moved around a lot and experienced what it was like to see a lot of different types of public education through the lens of a student with a hankering for a better educational system that would reflect directly on the effort given and the amount learned by the pupil rather than the amount of tests done or the amount of facts memorized. Don’t get me wrong, at RPA one still has to memorize and write essays and do tests but through the perspective of wanting to learn and going after ones passions and interests rather than some sort of expensive twelve grade baby-sitting service (such as many other public education systems I have experienced). It is schooling systems like Redmond proficiency academy that give me hope for the future of education around the world, I see Rpa as a conduit of light for a world of educational systems that reside within a darkened state of repetitive memorization and stagnant soliloquy assimilation.

When some Redmond Proficiency Academy students are asked what it is they love about RPA a lot of them will respond with comments on how the teachers feel like they’re actually teaching you something useful or worthy of learning, that the work is more fit for what the student is set out for creating in the spectrum of their knowledge. This is not a phenomenon I have ever heard of from any other major public school. It is for these and many more reasons that the RPA schooling system and structure is an idea that is most certainly worth spreading through minds around the world, It is new innovative ideas such as the way students take in knowledge at RPA that have the potential to change the world and shape the minds of the future better for fulfillment rather than conformity.

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