Keeping Tabs on Caged Inspiration

When I first signed up for “Ethics and Entrepreneurship” (the Redmond Proficiency Academy class behind the business “Caged Inspiration”) I was intrigued by the fact that teenagers would be creating a business. However, I thought it would be more like fundraisers I had organized in the past. I was pleased to be wrong. Instead, in this class we are designing an event where we will have world-class speakers and presenters at the Tower Theatre in Bend, Oregon on June 6th. Most classes are very teacher driven, but this class is completely dependent on the students. If we do not do the work, the event will not happen.

I was not present for the first semester, but have learned that during that time period our company was named Caged Inspiration and our event is called Limitless. Right now we need to get our company’s name and event into the world. This means setting up a website and getting traction on social media sites. Then we need sponsors to pay for this event. Also, we need to get a hold of people who we want to come speak or perform at the Tower Theatre. Finally, we need to make sure we are sticking to the budget and publicizing our event properly. We are creating something out of nothing, ideas into material things, and that defines what someone can do when they are limitless.

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